Saturday, December 20, 2008

Venus Opens Up The LOVE SHOP!

Lots and lots of bedside toys for all good (even bad) girls and boys!

Check out the new store, The Love Shop! Adult toys for girls and boys.

For those nights that the hunt is unsuccessful, or maybe even if it is!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gents, Come Get Some!

I am really excited (no not in THAT way)!

It is less than a week before the long anticipated launch of what is being called the greatest pick up book for men so far, "Get The Girl Guide"!

But even more than that! I can get you on the "inside" before it goes on sale. And even better than that! You can go pick up 2 new books for free right now!

Just follow the link above and you will get inside tips and tricks as well as 2 new books for free, "Are You Creeping Women Out?" and "The Science of Attraction".

You do not even need to give your email or anything (although you can if you wish). Just visit the link, scroll down and find the links to the books, right click them and save as to download them.

That's it!

Just another way of how I am hooking you up with women! *wink*

~ Venus

P.S. You HAVE to go check out my newest blog...

Because any lovin' is good lovin', right?
"So I took what I could get, mhmm, she said, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!"

Monday, October 20, 2008

New York City Rates Venus A "Five-Star Sexmate".

I thought that I would participate in a "sexuality quiz" interview because I thought it would be fun!

I wanted to know what the pros thought of me, Seductress, Safe, or Slut. The results are in (and might I just add to those who know, according to this you are some lucky bastards! ;^} ):

Venus, here are our finding...

"Five-Star Sexmate

Doing it with the lights on so bright, he can see your
every freckle 'n' curve? Oh yeah! A delicious new
move involving his favorite food group? On the menu
tonight! "You're execeptionally confident about your
body, you love initiating new positions with your guy,
and you don't apologize for going after your pleasure,"
says Logan Levkoff, a sex educator and sexologist in
New York City. What does it all add up to? One
seriously satisfied chick who makes men quake so
much with pleasure, their packages practically need a

Another sign of your knack in the sack: You aren't
afraid to give a guy a carnal tutorial. If he's not
touching you in the right spots or his definition of
doggie-style is him howling while you do all the work,
you won't suck it up and hope for a miracle. "You
know you deserve to feel incredible every single time
and won't shy away from showing him how to please
you," says Bonnie Eaker Weil, PhD, a psychotherapist
in New York City and author of Make Up, Don't Break
Up. "You're also comfortable enough with your
sexuality that you'll pleasure yourself in front of him."
Just make sure that during the bump and grind, you
don't bulldoze guys who are less sexually secure than
you are. As long as you show them the way gently,
they'll happily work on catching up."

New Short Story Posted.

On my other blog, I have posted an example short story of what my upcoming book, "Bedtime Stories". I have had several requests about it, so I am posting a link here for you to go check it out.

I am thinking about posting another one here. Only time will tell


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Get Skinny Fast!

A new breakthrough secret is all you now need in order to forever shed countless pounds, stay healthy, and add many years to your life!

A lady doctor from Arizona has blown the lid off the best-kept secret in weight loss ever discovered -- and this has the whole diet food and drug industries turned upside down and in nothing less than a torrential uproar.

Her name is Dr Suzanne Gudakunst, and she's marching to the beat of a different drum.

And no, nothing about her "secret" is difficult -- nor does it require that you do something completely out of the ordinary or anything unnatural.

Instead, the Arizonian boasts proudly "...this is something that I caught onto just before 2002 when there was so much research and exploration going around concerning the human colon and digestive system working in harmony with nutritional absorption, and I started doing independent studies just to test things at first ... but which I later expanded on after seeing some fantastic results."

This same woman medical practitioner went on to accurately determine a definitive correlation between harmful plague and parasitic infestations of the human bowel tract, and people suffering chronic obesity -- and who despite intense diet and exercise appeared to be unable to lose any weight whatsoever.

Over the course of six years the Arizona doctor developed a number of natural treatments for the removal of these same harmful, even life-threatening plaques and rapidly reproducing digestive parasites -- and when applied to even worse-case patients suffering extreme obesity (98% of which were in immediate danger of dying) she saw a 100% effectiveness and success rate.

She then borrowed from her research on the severely obese, and applied the same strategies on milder cases of overweight persons -- only to find the same effectiveness and quality results as described above (although the individual weight loss per subject wasn't nearly as much as those obese patients 100 lbs to 200 lbs or more overweight).

So powerful is her secret that she's able to reverse diabetes, rid illness altogether in people suffering from cancer (linked directly to poor diet and overweight factors), as well as an elimination of an entire spectrum of serious and otherwise life-threatening diseases.

Nearly 100% of all her case subjects were told in the alternative by "conventional doctors" that they either had just months or years to live, or they would never live a life anything resembling remotely a "normal" existence -- yet after applying Dr Suzanne's treatments saw a complete contradiction to others doctors' prognoses.

Again, nothing about her secret is unnatural or requires someone to do any major action or modification in their lives.

In fact, her entire treatment is based completely on built-into-nature 'protection agents' scattered throughout the world in the form of select herbs, extracts, and organic constituents, and which can be found in a variety of plants -- but when combined in specific combinations and carefully chosen amounts make for a solution to what is perhaps the world's worst ever plague: OBESITY (and the illnesses and diseases resulting from it -- or at least severely aggravated or exacerbated by it).

Now to everyone else's great gain, whether suffering from just a few extra pounds and inches, to those extremely fat and overweight, this brave, bold lady doctor is releasing to the general public her secret for forever destroying the tight unrelenting closed-fist of obesity's stronghold over the now more than 40% of Americans labeled obese, and others worldwide.

But she's not promising any of us for how long.

Some experts and sociologists suggest that in the bigger scheme of things, the world will never tolerate a discovery of such magnitude, any more than it would be realistic to expect a car that runs on water (even if very real) to ever become commercially available to the general public for day-to-day use.

One well-respected and famous diet & wellness author wrote years ago that if anyone ever "truly unlocked the keys to permanent fat loss, they may actually suffer the same fate as JFK."

It is currently available at:

=> you may want to head on over there now and get it and before someone or "something" gets it forever yanked out of ever getting in YOUR hand at least.

It's in a very easily readable format and is quickly and readily understood and mastered by anyone with even a 4th grade reading level.

While you're there, why not scroll down and review for yourself the huge successes others are now having with this incredible breakthrough in rapid, massive weight loss and extremely improved and enhanced health, now made freely available to the rest of us?

~ Venus

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Do I Hook Up With This Guy?!?!?

This email came to me, and I thought I should answer it here in my blog.

I think that it is great that other girls are coming to me for advice. I am used to having the opposite, bitching at me for my advice to men.

"How can I arouse turn on a guy without even touching him?"

It is fall, that means that it is the perfect time to play to a man's fantasy girl! I guarantee 75% of men have a fantasy about a sexy chic in a school girl uniform.

No need for physical contact.

Wear a lace set (white, of course to subconsciously mind F-him > makes him subconsciously believe you're a virgin and he is going to be the first to explore that territory!) of bra and panties.

Wear a plaid skirt just above the knee height. Wear a white button up men's shirt with the buttons undone as low as you're comfortable (but if you want to drive him absolutely F-ing nuts, keep it unbuttoned and just tie it around just below your breasts).

Wear your hair in either pig tails or a pony tail and upon meeting him walk up to him in "model" style (cross legs as you walk forward-making sure to make those hips talk as you walk).

And when you are about half way between the starting point of seeing him and getting to him, exaggerate taking your hair out of the pig tails or pony tail letting your hair drop.

Stop in front of him and tilt your head to one side and give him the innocent-take me look (girls you know the one).

If he does not have an erection by the time you have stopped in front of him...he might be gay!

~ Venus

How Confidence Eqautes To Hooking Up With Women

This is such a vital and important subject! As men you have to know this through and through!

Confidence without substance (or nothing behind it backing it up) is nothing more than arrogance! And knowing that can make all the difference from you as a man being blown off or blown...

You see, women, for all our flaws you think we may have, absolutely know the difference between a man who thinks he confident, but really is arrogant, and a man who has confidence due to his vast experience.

Guess which one we are going home with?

That was a rhetorical question, if you for one moment thought to yourself, "uh, arrogant?" then quit reading right this very moment! I can not help you yet. You need to go back to "dating for noobs!" and after passing through them, then come back to me.

The irony in all this is that in order to get the confidence, you need the experience. Without it, you will just come across as an arrogant ass that out on the dance floor annoying us girls with your "I am not getting any tonight!" dance moves.

Thus the vital importance of this all. Why I will continue to push you to just get out there and experiment with something every day! Just say hi to every passing girl with a smile and direct eye contact.

Soon you will be seeing them shy away after saying hi. You might even over hear them say to one of their friends, "he's cute!"

Now, I ask you, if you can get to the point that almost every girl you say hi to at least says hi back, but often you get the head down shy look (body language saying she is digging you) or the occasional "he's cute", do you THINK you will start to have some confidence building in you?

Another rhetorical, keep up with me honey!

From there you can move on to asking for a casual "time shared" scenario (stay away from the term "dating", it puts the women on guard and apprehensive).

Just ask to buy them a cup of coffee or if you know where she is going to be, surprise her with a drink. Maybe a cola on a hot day or something. This is non-threatening and gives you more time to be with her and work your magic!

The point here is to get experience under your belt as fast as possible so that you can build up that confidence! Then you can go up to girls in the future and start a conversation but they will see the confidence of a man with experience, instead of a bloated ego ass that will be going home with just his hand again tonight!

Until next time, remember, no Glove, no Love!

~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory - but damn! She's sexy!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Venus Does A PSA...

It had just occurred to me, that my topics are always about hooking up, but I have yet to do my part for a Public Service Announcement.

And really, it is my fault, because for some reason (probably association because I do) I assume that everybody is practicing safe sex! But I never have made sure to remind you guys!

Guys - listen, fun is fun for shizzle! But being a daddy means manning up and being a father! And if you are not ready for that role, it comes as a shock! Think your bills are expensive? Try child support! How great would it be to be pulled over for a broken tail light and going to jail for back child support? And if you made it through all that...there's always STDs trying to attach themselves to you. A lot of that can not be cured with a shot or just a pill, you know. SO - My advice to you is to ALWAYS (never an exception - raw dog don't do) WRAP THAT RASCAL!

Girls - truth is men are, well, they are just men. So it is best to protect yourself ALWAYS for the exact same reasons above (even child support in some cases). Just be prepared, that way you will know. And in the case where you don't have any, and he isn't carrying either - force that trip to the corner store! LIVE BY THE MOTTO GIRLS - NO GLOVE, NO LOVE!

Okay - my commitment has been fulfilled...

~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory - but damn! She's sexy!

The Kinky Sex Location Poll...

I posted this one in my myspace blog ( <=private ask for invitation) but I do so love poles, er, I mean polls. The top 10 favorite "Kinky Locations" to have sex, according to women polled between the ages of 18 and 45, (and my personal comments/experiences) are: 1) The Beach (Bring a blanket-sand sucks!! Avoid-"What are they doing, mom"?) 2) Elevators (Helps if woman in front with skirt...just saying) 3) Moving Cars (This usually entails a hummer-no, not the SUV!) 4) Nature trails (Hell yeah! Fallen trees are great to be bent over!) 5) Hot Tubs (I am not a big fan, great though to get started!) 6) Dressing Rooms (Stores don't appreciate it, but that's part of the thrill) 7) In front of hotel windows (High room, pressed against the window-HOT!) 8) Public Restrooms (Again, not one of my favs, but get it started!) 9) Balconies (Late night after closing the bars...summer time) 10) Pools (Preferably a privately owned one, public just too exposed) The hottest place, but a huge risk nowadays, Airplanes! Who doesn't want to be part of the mile high club??? For more sex tips and advice go to

Here's to Adventure! Wrap That Rascal!
~ Venus

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gentlemen, I Require Your Assistance, Please!

Alright Guys,

I got myself in trouble. I was having a "debate" with a friend about my methods, and other methods, and other hooking up ideas.

Long story short, I opened my mouth and stated I could create a program that could help much more than half the products out there I'm seeing. Some of the articles I read about dating and hooking up I wonder if the author even realized that's the subject? Just because something worked one time for a man, does not make it the norm for all men, yet that is what I see a lot!

Well, I felt the sting of the words as they were spoken towards me..."prove it!"

So, I am not sure what I got myself into, but I could really, really, use your help. It is not going to be anything hard.

I would like you to send me the top 5 questions you have and want answered about hooking up, dating, or women in general.

Will you do that for me? I can give you a reason to...your questions might be part of the subject matter of my project that I have dared myself into. Plus, I might even give you some drafts while it is being created, giving YOU the first look at it and to use its methods first.

It may sound cliche' but, help me to help you. Give me the subjects you want the most help with...please?

Okay, email your questions, suggestions to :

And let me thank you in advance, THANK YOU!


P.S. By the way, did you know I have another blog? It has been up and running a while now. Go check it out! It is at

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can We Talk?

I normally do not do this, mainly because I hate having to do it. But occasionally, I run across something on the "dating" advice columns and forums, etc., that I have to comment on. But because some authors do not like constructive criticism, sometimes I have to do it this way.

This helps further support my point that if you want to get the job of picking up women done right, you need to get a woman to teach you how to do the job. No disrespect to this author, overall it is a quick commentary on some things he might of tried and got lucky with once or twice.
3 Ways on How to Get a Girl's Number In Ten Minutes
by Imran Naseem

"Many guys who want to get to know a girl often find it hard to get her cell phone number if they lack confidence. There are in fact several ways that you can use to have a girl give you her number in just 10 minutes. This article will explore three 3 different ways of having a girl give you her number in a short space of time without you having to beg."

Find it hard? Straight up, I am going to tell you no confidence, no phone number. Begging is not going to help regardless.

"One of the best ways of having a girl give you her number is make an excuse up. For example, you can say something like I" am going to be going away soon and would love to catch up with you again, is it alright if I can give you a call"? This is inviting the girl to say yes because it is a closed question and most likely she would say yes if you use the correct tone of voice and language. Make sure you are smiling and give her eye contact. Avoid looking away as girls can sometimes feel insecure about things like this."

An excuse has to be stated right. If you are going to use this tactic, then use something like, "Hey, I would love to talk about it right now, but I got this appointment I can't be late for...why don't you give me your number and I'll call afterwards to meet up with you somewhere and we can continue on, we can do that right?"

This is non-threatening, and the last part mentally hits the woman as "it's cool" and "no harm in talking right"? And of course, the getting a yes or agreement with the "right?" just subconsciously makes her want to continue saying yes. The more yes answers you can force, the more likely she will say yes to your asking for a number or "casual get together", because the word "date" will scare us off quickly, right students?

Okay, that being said, if you are a student of mine, then you know already, "can I give you a call?" is an absolute no-no! You are giving the girl a chance to say "No" to a yes or no answer!

If you are a student of mine, you know that you provide options for them to choose at your discretion, not yes or no! You are much better off saying, "You wanna give me your number? Or better yet here's mine, call me now so I can have it handy when I call you later..."

You see how it works? She is still allowed the "freedom" of choice here, but the only real choice is to give you her number! I will give the author credit about one thing though, he is correct in tone of voice, smiling, and eye contact. And I agree if you look away at that particular moment, it is not a good sign to us women.

"Secondly, one of the best ways to get a girl's number is to just directly ask her if you can have her number. Many girls would question you or might hesitate so this is where you have to play it cool and act as though she will not able to speak to you if she does not give her number. Make it out as though you are really busy with work and you are going to make time for her. Girls like a guy who plays "hard to get"."

If you want to play a pure numbers game, then just be direct with every woman. The problem is you have to go through a LOT of women that way to get your number.

There is a fine line between confidence and asshole, following this advice may put you in the later category. And for the record, we like mysterious, as in we can't quite figure out what is going on but we like it, NOT hard to get.

You are men, we can have you guys all day long! Any man with a working sex drive is never going to be hard to get, we know that!

Again I would suggest that you can use the "busy at the moment" technique as explained by me above. But if you are going to act like you are too busy with work, that means you're NOT going to have the time to dedicate to us, and let's be honest, we are attention craving, so we are going to drop this game. Maybe your admin can provide your busy ass what you were looking for in us.

"And finally, the best way to get a girl's number is to ask her to "miss call you" as you want to show her your latest ringtone song that you like. This will bring a bit of humor to this but it would not be a problem provided you get her trust.

For an excellent guide on how to get a girls number and how to win her heart go to

Imran Naseem"

Trust is the key to this last suggestion. But if you are meeting someone for the first time, you are not going to gain that sort of trust in the 10 minute window provided. If you actually succeed with this tactic, then I can assure you that woman was going to try to give you her number before you actually started to talk to each other anyways.

We are not going to fall for that! We have cell phones too you wanna play some ring tone for me, go into your menu and play it. I am not going to call you to hear it! How simple do you think we really are?

Alright, there you have it. I am sorry Imran if you take offense to this. But I am giving your article and website a plug...*smooches* < < (that's me showing sum love...)

Tiffany and I talk about this all the time. There is a HUGE misappropriate proportion of men representing the "how to date women" category as compared to women. Not that it is bad, in fact, for us it is friggin' awesome!!! But we are always asking ourselves how do some of these men come to the conclusion of what they are presenting as helpful methods? A lot of the times, if you read that same advice to a woman, say a friend or sister, she is going to say something along the lines of, "yeah.....let me know how that works out for you..."

So, if you try Imran's methods....let me know how that works out for you....

~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

Monday, June 23, 2008

Before You Go On The Hunt, Load Your Weapon!

The Game. Some love it, like myself, and some hate it. Those that hate it usually end up with the first person that shows them any sort of attention. It is easy to see why, isn't it? If you do not like The Game, doesn't it make sense that you will take whatever comes your way to get out of The Game? This is the beginning of a beautiful frie...scratch that! The reality is that is the beginning of a troubled relationship.

So, what do you do if you do not love The Game, but do not want to just settle with whatever comes your way then? Well if you improve your weapons, you'll improve what you catch, right? You would not go hunting with a slingshot and expect to take down any animal that could fill your freezer, right? With a slingshot you would have to settle for a squirrel or maybe something is big as a rabbit, but then that is only a couple of meals before it is gone. Yes, I am trying to keep it in the perspective of the Hunt, but you are understanding what I am getting at, aren't you?

We can agree then, that the better the weapon, the more successful the Hunt? Yes we can, now we are on the same page. In the Hunt, what are your weapons? Well, if you have been reading or hanging out with me you already know that looks, status, money, and what you do for a living are not necessarily the main thing that gets the girl. So those are NOT your weapons.

Your weapons are your attitude, your approach, and your understanding of women and the way they think. Right? Haven't I stated this at least once in our past? The weapon of knowledge, honey. Knowledge of women and how they think and what they react to. The more knowledge you have about this, the better your weapons. This makes sense, right?

Now that you have made the connection, KNOWLEDGE = UNDERSTANDING WOMEN, THUS PERFECTING YOUR ATTITUDE AND APPROACH, okay?. There is your weapon, boys. Chill the beer, this chick's in the bag. I mean that is the ultimate goal isn't it?

Listen, I am a woman of the Hunt, right? I live and breathe the Hunt! I am thrilled to be in the middle of the Hunt. Therefore, I have seen a few guys ability to Hunt, you think? Which is actually a good thing for you though, huh? I mean, if you can persuade the girls better, then you stand to be more successful at The Hunt and The Game, right? Right!

I can help you, but if you really want to increase that knowledge, it is going to some effort on your part. But I do have some good news for you. This weekend I received some emails from other people in the, oh, we'll call it the "relationship" biz. It appears my name is buzzing around and some of the other people are getting a little nervous wondering who this new kid on the block is. But this turns out to be a good thing for both me and you. The "heavy hitters" are starting to hear the buzz as well. And one of them (nationally known and has even appeared and been endorsed by Oprah, you can do about anything with Oprah money backing you, just ask our next president Obama) contacted me this weekend!

I will not bore you with the details, but basically he stated that he thought I had real potential. And he liked the way I address my audience by just being real about shit instead of trying to candy coat or (as he put it) "pussy foot around" the subject. So he offered me some Joint Venture basically stating he would rather join with me now then have to compete with me in the future. How cool is that? I'll tell you it's awesome!

And you benefit as well! Remember the whole point about knowledge equals success with the ladies above? This "heavy hitter" has given me what has been called the Ultimate Successful Relationship Package...EVER! And I get to offer it to you!

You want the ladies, right? You need the knowledge to get the ladies, right? You need to check this out and never worry about women issues ever again. How long is it going to take for you to be successful with women? Not long with this vast knowledge, huh? If I could provide you with all the tools you will need to learn the knowledge you need, would you get it? Of course you would, that is a no-brainer, right? Okay good!

==>So Go Get It, Now, And Be The One Taking The Girl Home Tonight!<== (don't forget to wave to the other guys while walking out the club, they love that...not really) P.S. I would be lying if I did not admit that my favorite book in this package was "Lick By Lick" but I am pretty sure you are going to dig "Blow By Blow", I am just saying...

~ Venus apparently the new up and comer of relationship information on the web! (I have to admit I love that...*giggle*) - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Being In The Band Phenomenon

Alright, I know that nobody is going to be able to explain this phenomenon to me, mainly because you would have to be a woman and so few read this blog.

But for you guys...holy shit what a gig! It happens almost every Friday and Saturday night. You go to a bar, a live band is playing, and as sure as hell there will be a row of "groupies" dancing in front of the stage (whether the music is dance able or not).

Now, I am not sure, even as a woman, what the hell happens here. Even on a psychological level I can not pin it down. I am sure it has something to do with the alpha dog effect, but I can not say for sure.

What I can say for sure is that if you are having absolutely no luck whatsoever with women, then pick up a guitar, bass guitar, or a set of drums and learn to play. Find a band that is doing at least bar gigs, and join it! I swear to you if you leave your mother's basement and can refrain from playing the world or warcraft long enough to be on that WILL get laid.

I can not explain WHY you will get laid, but you will. You could weigh 500 lbs., dripping with sweat, hair or no hair, and smelling like fritos and ass - AND YOU STILL ARE GET LAID THAT NIGHT! Those groupies are at least willing to go down on you.

Sometimes I don't even understand my own sex...just know that it is going to take more than a guitar in your hands and some shitty rendition of an AC/DC song to get me to go anywhere with you, let alone down. And you could have a record deal and fill stadiums, if you are not what I want, that you are not going to get what you want.

I guess I do not understand the groupie mentality. But be sure that groupie is going to be on every stiff member in the room at the "after party". So no game, no problem. Join the band boys! Just wrap the rascal...think of how many other "after parties" these girls have been at!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

10 Things Men Know About Women

10. Women have BOOBIES!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are there women totally incapable of orgasm?

This is a touchy subject, as a man, to ask us women, right? Because if it is a friend or family member, you just feel creepy. And if it is a woman you are intimate with, she automatically seems to go on the defense about your sex life together. It seems no man can win asking this question, at least to a woman.

Well, I am going to help you out boys! As a woman, I will address this question head on, er, so to speak...

Let's start with the biological aspect to this. If the woman in question is a typical, healthy woman with all of her "parts" in tact and functional, then, Yes, she should be capable of having an orgasm. That being said, how you find out if everything is good biologically, well, let me know how that works out for you.

But, assuming biological systems a go...the most common reason a woman does not have an orgasm is because of "walls" or "barriers" that she has put up. This depends on her past sexual history. Her past experiences. Her childhood. Her morals. Her family's beliefs about sex while growing up. The influence of her mother, sisters, or friends on the subject. And probably a multitude of different facets of the woman's mind that you will never be able to figure out.

And that is what makes it difficult for you as a man. First, you have to find out what is causing the blockage in her. Then, IF you were successful at that, making sure that there is not more than one issue. Then, trying to find the ways to overcome these barriers.

Sound like a lot of work? It is. But the good news is that you can skip all of that emotional mind mapping described above and focus on one thing, and that one thing only! Wanna know what it is?

The only one thing you can learn that will ABSOLUTELY penetrate (no pun intended) that psychological barrier is that if the physical intensity overpowers all thoughts. And the ONLY way to do that is to perfect your ability to bring women to sexual arousal.

"But all you bitches are different" - that from one of the guys I hang out with. True, women (not all of us fall into the bitch category) are different. But I am telling you flat out, there are techniques you can master that bypasses all of this.

So, learn, perform, and master your art of getting her to sexual arousal and everything else will come into place (again, no pun intended).

Oh yeah, that's it baby, right THERE! LOL!

~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

If you want to learn to master these sexual techniques, there is a system that teaches it.
You can check it out here:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Day For Highest Success For 'Hunting' In The Game

Obviously, because most people work, the hunt is less likely to be successful on a week day. Monday through Thursday being the 4 "week days".

These days are great to just go hang and spend some time, maybe a drink or two with some of your friends. The prey is pretty scarce, so knowing this from the beginning, you are not disappointed that you can not "hunt".

Sunday is not a really good day either. For the most part, everybody is re-couping from their weekend frolic and folly. Besides, you can not have any good times knowing that Monday morning is just around the corner and coming up fast.

Most believe that Saturday night is the night of the "Hunt". There are some good hunting grounds to attend on Saturday, and definitely more prey at the watering hole than Sunday through Thursday. But, Saturday is really your 2nd choice, or maybe your backup plan.

Because Friday is the day to "Hunt" those women! We have had enough of work! Monday through Thursday probably was work related and sucked! We need to vent some pressures and some steam. We more than likely have called the pack to the watering holes before even leaving work. We are restless, we are starving for attention, and we want to have fun.

And guess what, you boys can be considered as part as our fun! It's true! And how better to relieve stress and pressures of the work week than having vigorous sex!

Take it from me, boys, Friday is THE night for the "Hunt". There is no disputing it. And Saturday is a good secondary or back up plan. But keep in mind, if you did not get any response to your game on Friday, you will have the same or worse results any other day, including Saturday. Because I am telling you, if we are going to allow at all for any weak ass game, it is going to be on Friday night for all the reasons I have already stated above.

To the Hunt!
~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tiffany's Full System Teaches You To Get The Girl!

Guy Gets Girl

Seducing Women Using Deflection Theory

I am not sure if I have mentioned her here, but I have definitely mentioned her on my MySpace page (you will have to request to be a friend to see it, MySpace and I have had arguments about what is pornographic and what isn' far they have deleted 4 of my pictures to this date).

Tiff is one of my mentors too. She is DA BOMB! Anyways, here is her perspective on what is called, "The Deflective Theory". If you boys are smart, you will read it and take notes, Tiffany knows what she is talking about, of that there is absolutely no doubt.

Seducing Women Using Deflection Theory-by Tiffany Taylor
"There’s something that often happens when you’re out playing the ‘seduction game’ – that is, when you’re actively looking out for girls you think you’d like to hook-up with. Many men have experienced it, and many thousands of men still do experience it when they themselves are out playing the game. It usually goes something like this: you’re in a group, talking to a couple of girls. You’re with a friend or two, perhaps having drinks in a bar or at a party. You’ve got your eye on one girl in the group in particular and want to make something happen, make a bit of a connection. Thing is, she’s proving the hardest to connect to – sure, she smiles and talks to you nicely and politely, but she’s not returning your flirtatious gestures and comments much, if at all. It’s like she’ s playing hard to get or something, whereas her female friends seem to be much more playful and flirty.

This doesn’t happen because you aren’t her type or just because sometimes these things happen (or don’t) – there’s a different, special reason the girl you’re interested in doesn’t appear to be interested in you and it’s got a lot to do with psychology and social standing. You see, when you show you’re interested in a good- looking girl who’s with her friends, you inadvertently bump up her ego and feeling of self-worth. She knows you’ve chosen and are most interested in her and likes this feeling of elevated importance. However, she also knows that if she reacts by becoming really flirty and obviously attracted to YOU, she’ll lose the higher social value she has over her friends (probably the reason you targeted her in the first place), so she therefore maintains her unattainable, “I’m a bit too good for you” status.

However, you can blow this problem out of the water by using DEFLECTION THEORY. You turn the situation on its head and reverse the psychology of your target female by deflecting your attention AWAY from her and ONTO one or more of her friends. When you show her friends (who have lower social value/worth than your target female) more attention and affection, you challenge her ego. So, in an effort to regain her superiority in the hierarchy of her circle of friends, the girl you’re really interested in will subconsciously invest much MORE interest in you by flirting and being playful. As so many women do, she gives into wanting what she feels she cannot have – and, of course, you’ll be happy to have her. She is, after all, the hottest of the group and the one you wanted in the first place. Here’s how to deflect your attention onto one of her friends to make her (the girl you want) feel as if her ego has been challenged and thus make her feel an instant and undeniable desire to get your attention and “win” you back.

1. Use strong eye contact when talking to all of the girls. However, when you’re talking to your target female, occasionally glance away and towards one of the other girls (who will probably be talking amongst themselves or to your friend/friends if you’re with any) and give a slight smile before looking back at your target. This jackhammers a sense of competition into the subconscious mind of the girl you’re really interested in and immediately makes her want to fight for your attention.

2. Casually make physical contact with her friends more than her. For example, touch them on the side of their arm to get their attention or when laughing and joking.

3. When sitting down or standing around talking as a group, face slightly more (as in, the direction of your body/torso) in the direction of one of her friends more than her.

Using deflection theory to challenge a girl you’re interested in’s ego and therefore make her want you more is just one psychological technique you can use to boost your pick-up game. Combine it with others and you maximize your success with the opposite sex in ways most men have and never will experience. You can be the guy that gets the girl!"

Did you take down some notes? This absolutely works!

If you want some more free advice, check out: Got Venus?

If you are craving more knowledge and want a Master's Course in the Game,
then you need to check out Guy Gets Girl!

~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

Monday, June 9, 2008

You got the "zackleys"...

There are men out there, that for all intents and purposes, have it all together but are still not scoring points for the home team (or the away either for that matter).

They got.........The "ZACKLEYS!"
(That's where your breath smells zackley like your ass!)

It is common. Especially in this fast food, poor eating habits world we live in.

Yes, it can be embarrassing, especially if everybody "pretends" it doesn't exist.
Or, despite the gum, mints, and other stuff you put in your mouth, it just barely covers it, but does not really get rid of it.

Hell yeah it sucks! For everybody involved! But let me help you solve it starting today!

At least a couple times a day, maybe more to start, take a regular teaspoon out of the silver ware drawer and turn it upside down (so it would dump it's contents on the floor). Go into your bathroom and stick your tongue out, taking the upside-down spoon, GENTLY press down onto the back of your tongue and drag the spoon toward the front of the mouth while keeping the pressure.

Gag factor - without getting too graphic - get over it, we did...

You are going to see some "stuff", "smuck", or whatever you want to call it in the spoon. Turn on the water faucet and rinse it clean. Bring it back up to your tongue and keep dragging it forward at least until the entire top surface of your tongue has be "scrapped". Feel free to continue though until you are comfortable. As long as you are not pressing into your tongue too hard, it really should not damage anything.

Now follow up with a mouth wash/rinse. Then brush your teeth, and when all done brush your tongue a couple times too.

Do this at least once in the morning, and once before going out.

You see, the tongue has millions of little pockets, like pores. And the highest percentage of bad breath smell comes from the food and decaying particles inside those pockets.

This will help clear the pockets and thus, help eliminate the bad breath! Gum, mints, and other breath fresheners only cover the issue temporarily, this method actually cleans and eliminates the "stuff" that is causing the problem.

We are all adults here, yes it is gross, but believe me, I would rather have you do that then try and talk to me with the "Zackleys".

Nobody has to know what you are doing in your home bathroom.

Hope this helps,

~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

Might as well be truthful...

This philosophy gets me in trouble now and then. I have a history of not meaning to hurt somebody when I tell them the truth, but they did ask me.

It's not like I do not have a filter, I do, despite what my mother thinks. It is just that if you want an answer or advice from someone, I would think you would want the truth, right?

If I went to my financial adviser and asked, "Hey how's my accounts doing?" If they say, "Great!" then I get my quarterly statement showing a loss for all three months, I am going to be pissed!

Anyways, while out this weekend, a friend of mine asked for advice. And I think that the pure honesty that I answer with sometimes makes a friend wanna reach across a table and choke a bitch occasionally...

But then, wouldn't you WANT to know the truth? You did ask me, by the way, I did not just "offer" it up. See, my boys know I give advice out and they use me frequently in this manner. So when one of my boys asked why he is not succeeding with the ladies, I told him the exact reason, and although he was hurt (I could see it) I hope he understands that taking care of the problems will prevent him from so much rejection in the future.

It was a common problem, and I will give a solution in the next post.

~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

Saturday, June 7, 2008

There Can Be Only One...

Seriously, though. Anybody who lives by the "Highlander" credo really needs to explore the world more.

For those of you who know me, you know I have a reputation helping guys get the girl. Now, re-read that last line very c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y. I am not stating that I am a relationship guru. I'm not. I help people hook up by teaching the way people think, body language, and other things.

The relationship is up to you. Don't look at me, I don't believe in Love. At least not now. And I have no plans on changing that right now in my life.

So, all this above is because a "friend" of mine on MySpace ( wrote me to say that "He doesn't need any advice because he is a student of "Andrea Syrtash" - a Life Coach that does a show, "ONDating" for Yahoo Personals.

Uh, ok. She definitely has me on the credentials.

But I am not about the dating, I am about the hook up! But, to be fair, I went and checked her out anyways. Very beautiful girl, too! So, here is an example of her work, and my opinions to her advice, just to do a comparison...
From "Office Romance: Taboo or To-Do?"
by Andrea Syrtash (note full article above, below is just a portion...)

Here are some other rules of managing office romance:

1. Do not blab to the whole office the night you first hook up. Confide in your friends in the 'real world'
2. Figure out if it's a fun roll in the hay or if you see long-term potential with this person. If it's fun sex, it may not be worth taking the risk but if it's looking like you may have a future with your office mate, it may be worth exploring.
3. And finally -- if it's explicitly stated in your contract that office romance is against company policy ask yourself -- is it worth losing your job over your crush? Maybe.

The bottom line is that office romance happens. In fact, I'm betting someone down the hall from you is having a little office fling of her own as you're reading this article...

So -- weigh the risks against the rewards when evaluating the possibility of an office romance. Do a solid cost-benefit analysis. I'm sure my math crush Jonathan would have been satisfied with that equation.

Replies ~ Venus
1. I agree, no blabbing in the office, in fact, I would keep it from my friends too until I thought it was going to be something in my future to be with this person.
2. Again, I agree, nice to know where you stand - booty office call OR potential life mate?
3. I am unsure, even if explicitly stated in a work contract, I think with the right lawyer, you could have a good lawsuit.

And true, office romance does happen.

Okay, that is where it all ends in agreement.


Guys: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER dip your "pen" into the "company inkwell" (for you sort of slow ones, that means NO OFFICE DATING! {unless it is not your office *wink*}).

Anyways, it never works out good, at least I have never heard, "Yeah, I met Jill at my office, I feel in love, asked her out, and we have been married and working together for 5 years...."

I HAVE heard, "My God, she went all psycho on me when I called it off. She threw stuff at me, had a tantrum in the office, got my boss pretty pissed at me..." or "I just happened to look in this girl's direction and she was all over me about cheating on her and how she supposed I wanted to do her now too..." and my personal favorite, "Man, my life is a living hell! I love her, but I can not escape her! I feel like she is up my ass constantly! We live together, sleep together, eat together, work together...I mean, sometimes I feel like the Men's restroom is my only safe haven..."

Take your risks, sure, for LOVE. But I am not about relationships. I am about the Game.

Girls: Please re-read the above. If you can not admit it, I can. You are an emotional powder keg just waiting to have your fuse lit. The work place is not the place to expose this. Office romance is so not worth it. They are men, they are going to piss you off at work. But when you are involved, it is AMPLIFIED. Look elsewhere for your boys. The Office should be Off your list of locations.
Ok, so what have we established? Nothing really.

*Andrea has credentials and talks about dating and relationships.
-Venus has no credentials (all street) and talks about the hook up, not relationships.

*Andrea has a television/web show all about dating and relationships.
-Venus does not have her own show, but I'm not hating.

You need advice on how to keep the dating and relationship going and fresh, seek Andrea.
-You just want to have fun, play the Game, keep dating, but different people, seek Venus.

And Finally, my MySpace friend needs to know that I am not pretending to be the end all be all person to go to for dating advice, and that there are many different advice givers about dating.

In any case...I have no desire to hunt Andrea down, pull out my ancient sword and try to be-head her as I scream, "There can only be ONE!"


~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another Example Of One Of My Boys Using Me...

I know what you are thinking...but back the truck up. Let me explain...

This last weekend, several places were hoppin', and of course, me and my crew was at one of them. I was introduced to Petron this weekend, and I have to say it is very smooth...but that is not what this post is about, maybe another time. of the guys I was hangin' out with targets himself a girlie and goes in for the kill. I was observing...because I had given him some advice, and I LOVE to observe the results.

He walks up to her and starts asking her lame questions...and I was thinking, "Uh-oh...I may have to bail him out of this one..." and continued to watch.

He said, "So...are you a model?"
She laughed at him and said, "NOOoooo!"
"Oh....are you an actress then?"
Again she laughed, "NOOooo!"
"Well, you have to work SOMEwhere that requires a beautiful woman..."
She only smiled this time, "No, I am a dental assistant..."

I am thinking, my GOD! I taught him better than that! Then, like a Phoenix, he rose right of the ashes in front of my eyes and says...

"Man.....I TOLD Venus those lame pick up lines would not work...."

She starts laughing again and he follows up with..."I am glad you got a sense of humor..." and then tells her his name. Following up with "Let me get you a drink for putting up with me like beer or liquor?"

There's my boy, force an answer...not an out!

So you see, even though I thought he was not listening to me, he somehow used my advice and kicked it up a notch...thus, that is how one of my boys used me!

It must of worked because just over an hour later they were walking out the door together and just before leaving he turned to me and "pointed the gun finger and winked"...okay, sometimes you can take the boy outta cheezyville, but you can't take the cheese outta the boy...

Until next time
~ Venus

One For My Girls

Summer time is here! YEAH!

Okay, so I have the solution for the perfect kissable lips for the summertime.

The sun can dry and chap, so can the summer wind. It seems chap-stick products have this weird affect (at least on me) that the more you use them, the more you need to use them. And it is constantly messing up the lipstick, am I right?

Right, start looking for lipsticks in your shades of color, that have a SPF of 15 or more built in. These lipsticks block the sun affects and moisturize at the same time, thus not needing additional protection. Drop the chap stick-like products.

It does not matter the brand name or color, as long as it has a minimum of SPF 15 built into the lipstick. Healthy, glistening lips in the summer time sun get the boys going during the close up sessions (Because let's face it, the bikini from the distance is what brings them in close up).

Now for the overnight maintenance...

Ok, (and I am sure that this is going to produce some perverted thoughts in the minds of the men who read this, but.....) the BEST product for overnight working/protection of the lips is a healthy application of a Vaseline-type product (you can almost watch their minds go there, can't you?).

CAUTION: Some promote the use of Olive Oil, Baby Oil, and even Vitamin E Oil on your lips for overnight. The truth is all of these work wonders on the skin, but have an adverse affect on the lips when applied at anytime. I do not know the scientific reason as to why, and I don't care, what I do know is that the use of these products on your lips actually has a drying-out affect and produces damage.

So there ya go...perfect summertime puckers!


~ Venus


Girls! Who else wants to know the true art of flirting, basically having any man you want eating out of your hands? It's True...check it out

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true.

There are other ways to say this...what you reap, you sow, whether you think you can or can not do it-you are correct, what you believe-you can achieve, etc.

It may not be obvious to you, a lot of people take it for granted. Ultimately, beliefs about a subject control your experience of that subject. For instance, if in your beliefs, you think that you can never get the hot chicks, those beliefs about hot chicks prevent you from getting the very thing you want...the hot chicks!

Sometimes it is not a conscious effort. If during your experiences at trying to hook up, you can not relate to yourself any time that you were successful at getting the hot chicks, then suddenly that becomes the norm for all of your experiences.

This usually starts when you are a young, awkward teenager trying to ask the girls out for a date. And more than likely you were shot down, usually heartlessly because in high school we tend to be bitches, I ain't going to lie.

As cruel as it sounds, something in nature at that time makes us girls do all we can to break your ego. Now, before you go all crazy, it is not our faults, it is a flaw that seems to be hard wired in us. My belief is because we mature faster, and gain our confidence faster than teenage boys, and then the "oh you are sooo not going to get this" chic comes out of us.

But I am getting off course. . .

To get back to the guys, that first rejection is a significant event that will mold a lot in a boy, subconsciously. That rejection sets the standard for his beliefs (particularly his belief in himself). Now that the standard is set, the ego takes over, it has a template to follow and feed. Now a sort of filter is set so that you tend to ignore and forget positive events with women and dating, and focus, intensely, on all the negative events with women and dating. A "yes" or an easy let down does not get through the filter and remembered. But all the "bitches" and "humiliation rejections" make it right past the filter. Each one only re-inforcing the "standard" that every time you interact with a woman, you are expecting a repeat of that first rejection to play over and over and over again. And since the "filter" only lets in those experiences to re-inforce itself, it becomes a pattern. Usually this all happens subconsciously.

This is a long explanation, but the bottom line is if you expect you are going to fail miserably with asking a woman out....well, you are!

Until next time,
~ Venus

**** The Cat Is Out!!...If you think the above was a good explanation, then you need to go get my First in a dating series of writings, "The Oldest Battle" for free at:
I would like some opinions please-be honest, always be honest...
~ Venus