Monday, June 16, 2008

Day For Highest Success For 'Hunting' In The Game

Obviously, because most people work, the hunt is less likely to be successful on a week day. Monday through Thursday being the 4 "week days".

These days are great to just go hang and spend some time, maybe a drink or two with some of your friends. The prey is pretty scarce, so knowing this from the beginning, you are not disappointed that you can not "hunt".

Sunday is not a really good day either. For the most part, everybody is re-couping from their weekend frolic and folly. Besides, you can not have any good times knowing that Monday morning is just around the corner and coming up fast.

Most believe that Saturday night is the night of the "Hunt". There are some good hunting grounds to attend on Saturday, and definitely more prey at the watering hole than Sunday through Thursday. But, Saturday is really your 2nd choice, or maybe your backup plan.

Because Friday is the day to "Hunt" those women! We have had enough of work! Monday through Thursday probably was work related and sucked! We need to vent some pressures and some steam. We more than likely have called the pack to the watering holes before even leaving work. We are restless, we are starving for attention, and we want to have fun.

And guess what, you boys can be considered as part as our fun! It's true! And how better to relieve stress and pressures of the work week than having vigorous sex!

Take it from me, boys, Friday is THE night for the "Hunt". There is no disputing it. And Saturday is a good secondary or back up plan. But keep in mind, if you did not get any response to your game on Friday, you will have the same or worse results any other day, including Saturday. Because I am telling you, if we are going to allow at all for any weak ass game, it is going to be on Friday night for all the reasons I have already stated above.

To the Hunt!
~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

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