Thursday, August 14, 2008

Venus Does A PSA...

It had just occurred to me, that my topics are always about hooking up, but I have yet to do my part for a Public Service Announcement.

And really, it is my fault, because for some reason (probably association because I do) I assume that everybody is practicing safe sex! But I never have made sure to remind you guys!

Guys - listen, fun is fun for shizzle! But being a daddy means manning up and being a father! And if you are not ready for that role, it comes as a shock! Think your bills are expensive? Try child support! How great would it be to be pulled over for a broken tail light and going to jail for back child support? And if you made it through all that...there's always STDs trying to attach themselves to you. A lot of that can not be cured with a shot or just a pill, you know. SO - My advice to you is to ALWAYS (never an exception - raw dog don't do) WRAP THAT RASCAL!

Girls - truth is men are, well, they are just men. So it is best to protect yourself ALWAYS for the exact same reasons above (even child support in some cases). Just be prepared, that way you will know. And in the case where you don't have any, and he isn't carrying either - force that trip to the corner store! LIVE BY THE MOTTO GIRLS - NO GLOVE, NO LOVE!

Okay - my commitment has been fulfilled...

~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory - but damn! She's sexy!

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