Saturday, June 7, 2008

There Can Be Only One...

Seriously, though. Anybody who lives by the "Highlander" credo really needs to explore the world more.

For those of you who know me, you know I have a reputation helping guys get the girl. Now, re-read that last line very c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y. I am not stating that I am a relationship guru. I'm not. I help people hook up by teaching the way people think, body language, and other things.

The relationship is up to you. Don't look at me, I don't believe in Love. At least not now. And I have no plans on changing that right now in my life.

So, all this above is because a "friend" of mine on MySpace ( wrote me to say that "He doesn't need any advice because he is a student of "Andrea Syrtash" - a Life Coach that does a show, "ONDating" for Yahoo Personals.

Uh, ok. She definitely has me on the credentials.

But I am not about the dating, I am about the hook up! But, to be fair, I went and checked her out anyways. Very beautiful girl, too! So, here is an example of her work, and my opinions to her advice, just to do a comparison...
From "Office Romance: Taboo or To-Do?"
by Andrea Syrtash (note full article above, below is just a portion...)

Here are some other rules of managing office romance:

1. Do not blab to the whole office the night you first hook up. Confide in your friends in the 'real world'
2. Figure out if it's a fun roll in the hay or if you see long-term potential with this person. If it's fun sex, it may not be worth taking the risk but if it's looking like you may have a future with your office mate, it may be worth exploring.
3. And finally -- if it's explicitly stated in your contract that office romance is against company policy ask yourself -- is it worth losing your job over your crush? Maybe.

The bottom line is that office romance happens. In fact, I'm betting someone down the hall from you is having a little office fling of her own as you're reading this article...

So -- weigh the risks against the rewards when evaluating the possibility of an office romance. Do a solid cost-benefit analysis. I'm sure my math crush Jonathan would have been satisfied with that equation.

Replies ~ Venus
1. I agree, no blabbing in the office, in fact, I would keep it from my friends too until I thought it was going to be something in my future to be with this person.
2. Again, I agree, nice to know where you stand - booty office call OR potential life mate?
3. I am unsure, even if explicitly stated in a work contract, I think with the right lawyer, you could have a good lawsuit.

And true, office romance does happen.

Okay, that is where it all ends in agreement.


Guys: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER dip your "pen" into the "company inkwell" (for you sort of slow ones, that means NO OFFICE DATING! {unless it is not your office *wink*}).

Anyways, it never works out good, at least I have never heard, "Yeah, I met Jill at my office, I feel in love, asked her out, and we have been married and working together for 5 years...."

I HAVE heard, "My God, she went all psycho on me when I called it off. She threw stuff at me, had a tantrum in the office, got my boss pretty pissed at me..." or "I just happened to look in this girl's direction and she was all over me about cheating on her and how she supposed I wanted to do her now too..." and my personal favorite, "Man, my life is a living hell! I love her, but I can not escape her! I feel like she is up my ass constantly! We live together, sleep together, eat together, work together...I mean, sometimes I feel like the Men's restroom is my only safe haven..."

Take your risks, sure, for LOVE. But I am not about relationships. I am about the Game.

Girls: Please re-read the above. If you can not admit it, I can. You are an emotional powder keg just waiting to have your fuse lit. The work place is not the place to expose this. Office romance is so not worth it. They are men, they are going to piss you off at work. But when you are involved, it is AMPLIFIED. Look elsewhere for your boys. The Office should be Off your list of locations.
Ok, so what have we established? Nothing really.

*Andrea has credentials and talks about dating and relationships.
-Venus has no credentials (all street) and talks about the hook up, not relationships.

*Andrea has a television/web show all about dating and relationships.
-Venus does not have her own show, but I'm not hating.

You need advice on how to keep the dating and relationship going and fresh, seek Andrea.
-You just want to have fun, play the Game, keep dating, but different people, seek Venus.

And Finally, my MySpace friend needs to know that I am not pretending to be the end all be all person to go to for dating advice, and that there are many different advice givers about dating.

In any case...I have no desire to hunt Andrea down, pull out my ancient sword and try to be-head her as I scream, "There can only be ONE!"


~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

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