Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are there women totally incapable of orgasm?

This is a touchy subject, as a man, to ask us women, right? Because if it is a friend or family member, you just feel creepy. And if it is a woman you are intimate with, she automatically seems to go on the defense about your sex life together. It seems no man can win asking this question, at least to a woman.

Well, I am going to help you out boys! As a woman, I will address this question head on, er, so to speak...

Let's start with the biological aspect to this. If the woman in question is a typical, healthy woman with all of her "parts" in tact and functional, then, Yes, she should be capable of having an orgasm. That being said, how you find out if everything is good biologically, well, let me know how that works out for you.

But, assuming biological systems a go...the most common reason a woman does not have an orgasm is because of "walls" or "barriers" that she has put up. This depends on her past sexual history. Her past experiences. Her childhood. Her morals. Her family's beliefs about sex while growing up. The influence of her mother, sisters, or friends on the subject. And probably a multitude of different facets of the woman's mind that you will never be able to figure out.

And that is what makes it difficult for you as a man. First, you have to find out what is causing the blockage in her. Then, IF you were successful at that, making sure that there is not more than one issue. Then, trying to find the ways to overcome these barriers.

Sound like a lot of work? It is. But the good news is that you can skip all of that emotional mind mapping described above and focus on one thing, and that one thing only! Wanna know what it is?

The only one thing you can learn that will ABSOLUTELY penetrate (no pun intended) that psychological barrier is that if the physical intensity overpowers all thoughts. And the ONLY way to do that is to perfect your ability to bring women to sexual arousal.

"But all you bitches are different" - that from one of the guys I hang out with. True, women (not all of us fall into the bitch category) are different. But I am telling you flat out, there are techniques you can master that bypasses all of this.

So, learn, perform, and master your art of getting her to sexual arousal and everything else will come into place (again, no pun intended).

Oh yeah, that's it baby, right THERE! LOL!

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