Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gents, Come Get Some!

I am really excited (no not in THAT way)!

It is less than a week before the long anticipated launch of what is being called the greatest pick up book for men so far, "Get The Girl Guide"!

But even more than that! I can get you on the "inside" before it goes on sale. And even better than that! You can go pick up 2 new books for free right now!

Just follow the link above and you will get inside tips and tricks as well as 2 new books for free, "Are You Creeping Women Out?" and "The Science of Attraction".

You do not even need to give your email or anything (although you can if you wish). Just visit the link, scroll down and find the links to the books, right click them and save as to download them.

That's it!

Just another way of how I am hooking you up with women! *wink*

~ Venus

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Because any lovin' is good lovin', right?
"So I took what I could get, mhmm, she said, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!"