Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another Example Of One Of My Boys Using Me...

I know what you are thinking...but back the truck up. Let me explain...

This last weekend, several places were hoppin', and of course, me and my crew was at one of them. I was introduced to Petron this weekend, and I have to say it is very smooth...but that is not what this post is about, maybe another time. of the guys I was hangin' out with targets himself a girlie and goes in for the kill. I was observing...because I had given him some advice, and I LOVE to observe the results.

He walks up to her and starts asking her lame questions...and I was thinking, "Uh-oh...I may have to bail him out of this one..." and continued to watch.

He said, "So...are you a model?"
She laughed at him and said, "NOOoooo!"
"Oh....are you an actress then?"
Again she laughed, "NOOooo!"
"Well, you have to work SOMEwhere that requires a beautiful woman..."
She only smiled this time, "No, I am a dental assistant..."

I am thinking, my GOD! I taught him better than that! Then, like a Phoenix, he rose right of the ashes in front of my eyes and says...

"Man.....I TOLD Venus those lame pick up lines would not work...."

She starts laughing again and he follows up with..."I am glad you got a sense of humor..." and then tells her his name. Following up with "Let me get you a drink for putting up with me like beer or liquor?"

There's my boy, force an answer...not an out!

So you see, even though I thought he was not listening to me, he somehow used my advice and kicked it up a notch...thus, that is how one of my boys used me!

It must of worked because just over an hour later they were walking out the door together and just before leaving he turned to me and "pointed the gun finger and winked"...okay, sometimes you can take the boy outta cheezyville, but you can't take the cheese outta the boy...

Until next time
~ Venus

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