Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Confidence Eqautes To Hooking Up With Women

This is such a vital and important subject! As men you have to know this through and through!

Confidence without substance (or nothing behind it backing it up) is nothing more than arrogance! And knowing that can make all the difference from you as a man being blown off or blown...

You see, women, for all our flaws you think we may have, absolutely know the difference between a man who thinks he confident, but really is arrogant, and a man who has confidence due to his vast experience.

Guess which one we are going home with?

That was a rhetorical question, if you for one moment thought to yourself, "uh, arrogant?" then quit reading right this very moment! I can not help you yet. You need to go back to "dating for noobs!" and after passing through them, then come back to me.

The irony in all this is that in order to get the confidence, you need the experience. Without it, you will just come across as an arrogant ass that out on the dance floor annoying us girls with your "I am not getting any tonight!" dance moves.

Thus the vital importance of this all. Why I will continue to push you to just get out there and experiment with something every day! Just say hi to every passing girl with a smile and direct eye contact.

Soon you will be seeing them shy away after saying hi. You might even over hear them say to one of their friends, "he's cute!"

Now, I ask you, if you can get to the point that almost every girl you say hi to at least says hi back, but often you get the head down shy look (body language saying she is digging you) or the occasional "he's cute", do you THINK you will start to have some confidence building in you?

Another rhetorical, keep up with me honey!

From there you can move on to asking for a casual "time shared" scenario (stay away from the term "dating", it puts the women on guard and apprehensive).

Just ask to buy them a cup of coffee or if you know where she is going to be, surprise her with a drink. Maybe a cola on a hot day or something. This is non-threatening and gives you more time to be with her and work your magic!

The point here is to get experience under your belt as fast as possible so that you can build up that confidence! Then you can go up to girls in the future and start a conversation but they will see the confidence of a man with experience, instead of a bloated ego ass that will be going home with just his hand again tonight!

Until next time, remember, no Glove, no Love!

~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory - but damn! She's sexy!

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