Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can We Talk?

I normally do not do this, mainly because I hate having to do it. But occasionally, I run across something on the "dating" advice columns and forums, etc., that I have to comment on. But because some authors do not like constructive criticism, sometimes I have to do it this way.

This helps further support my point that if you want to get the job of picking up women done right, you need to get a woman to teach you how to do the job. No disrespect to this author, overall it is a quick commentary on some things he might of tried and got lucky with once or twice.
3 Ways on How to Get a Girl's Number In Ten Minutes
by Imran Naseem

"Many guys who want to get to know a girl often find it hard to get her cell phone number if they lack confidence. There are in fact several ways that you can use to have a girl give you her number in just 10 minutes. This article will explore three 3 different ways of having a girl give you her number in a short space of time without you having to beg."

Find it hard? Straight up, I am going to tell you no confidence, no phone number. Begging is not going to help regardless.

"One of the best ways of having a girl give you her number is make an excuse up. For example, you can say something like I" am going to be going away soon and would love to catch up with you again, is it alright if I can give you a call"? This is inviting the girl to say yes because it is a closed question and most likely she would say yes if you use the correct tone of voice and language. Make sure you are smiling and give her eye contact. Avoid looking away as girls can sometimes feel insecure about things like this."

An excuse has to be stated right. If you are going to use this tactic, then use something like, "Hey, I would love to talk about it right now, but I got this appointment I can't be late for...why don't you give me your number and I'll call afterwards to meet up with you somewhere and we can continue on, we can do that right?"

This is non-threatening, and the last part mentally hits the woman as "it's cool" and "no harm in talking right"? And of course, the getting a yes or agreement with the "right?" just subconsciously makes her want to continue saying yes. The more yes answers you can force, the more likely she will say yes to your asking for a number or "casual get together", because the word "date" will scare us off quickly, right students?

Okay, that being said, if you are a student of mine, then you know already, "can I give you a call?" is an absolute no-no! You are giving the girl a chance to say "No" to a yes or no answer!

If you are a student of mine, you know that you provide options for them to choose at your discretion, not yes or no! You are much better off saying, "You wanna give me your number? Or better yet here's mine, call me now so I can have it handy when I call you later..."

You see how it works? She is still allowed the "freedom" of choice here, but the only real choice is to give you her number! I will give the author credit about one thing though, he is correct in tone of voice, smiling, and eye contact. And I agree if you look away at that particular moment, it is not a good sign to us women.

"Secondly, one of the best ways to get a girl's number is to just directly ask her if you can have her number. Many girls would question you or might hesitate so this is where you have to play it cool and act as though she will not able to speak to you if she does not give her number. Make it out as though you are really busy with work and you are going to make time for her. Girls like a guy who plays "hard to get"."

If you want to play a pure numbers game, then just be direct with every woman. The problem is you have to go through a LOT of women that way to get your number.

There is a fine line between confidence and asshole, following this advice may put you in the later category. And for the record, we like mysterious, as in we can't quite figure out what is going on but we like it, NOT hard to get.

You are men, we can have you guys all day long! Any man with a working sex drive is never going to be hard to get, we know that!

Again I would suggest that you can use the "busy at the moment" technique as explained by me above. But if you are going to act like you are too busy with work, that means you're NOT going to have the time to dedicate to us, and let's be honest, we are attention craving, so we are going to drop this game. Maybe your admin can provide your busy ass what you were looking for in us.

"And finally, the best way to get a girl's number is to ask her to "miss call you" as you want to show her your latest ringtone song that you like. This will bring a bit of humor to this but it would not be a problem provided you get her trust.

For an excellent guide on how to get a girls number and how to win her heart go to

Imran Naseem"

Trust is the key to this last suggestion. But if you are meeting someone for the first time, you are not going to gain that sort of trust in the 10 minute window provided. If you actually succeed with this tactic, then I can assure you that woman was going to try to give you her number before you actually started to talk to each other anyways.

We are not going to fall for that! We have cell phones too you wanna play some ring tone for me, go into your menu and play it. I am not going to call you to hear it! How simple do you think we really are?

Alright, there you have it. I am sorry Imran if you take offense to this. But I am giving your article and website a plug...*smooches* < < (that's me showing sum love...)

Tiffany and I talk about this all the time. There is a HUGE misappropriate proportion of men representing the "how to date women" category as compared to women. Not that it is bad, in fact, for us it is friggin' awesome!!! But we are always asking ourselves how do some of these men come to the conclusion of what they are presenting as helpful methods? A lot of the times, if you read that same advice to a woman, say a friend or sister, she is going to say something along the lines of, "yeah.....let me know how that works out for you..."

So, if you try Imran's methods....let me know how that works out for you....

~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

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