Monday, June 9, 2008

You got the "zackleys"...

There are men out there, that for all intents and purposes, have it all together but are still not scoring points for the home team (or the away either for that matter).

They got.........The "ZACKLEYS!"
(That's where your breath smells zackley like your ass!)

It is common. Especially in this fast food, poor eating habits world we live in.

Yes, it can be embarrassing, especially if everybody "pretends" it doesn't exist.
Or, despite the gum, mints, and other stuff you put in your mouth, it just barely covers it, but does not really get rid of it.

Hell yeah it sucks! For everybody involved! But let me help you solve it starting today!

At least a couple times a day, maybe more to start, take a regular teaspoon out of the silver ware drawer and turn it upside down (so it would dump it's contents on the floor). Go into your bathroom and stick your tongue out, taking the upside-down spoon, GENTLY press down onto the back of your tongue and drag the spoon toward the front of the mouth while keeping the pressure.

Gag factor - without getting too graphic - get over it, we did...

You are going to see some "stuff", "smuck", or whatever you want to call it in the spoon. Turn on the water faucet and rinse it clean. Bring it back up to your tongue and keep dragging it forward at least until the entire top surface of your tongue has be "scrapped". Feel free to continue though until you are comfortable. As long as you are not pressing into your tongue too hard, it really should not damage anything.

Now follow up with a mouth wash/rinse. Then brush your teeth, and when all done brush your tongue a couple times too.

Do this at least once in the morning, and once before going out.

You see, the tongue has millions of little pockets, like pores. And the highest percentage of bad breath smell comes from the food and decaying particles inside those pockets.

This will help clear the pockets and thus, help eliminate the bad breath! Gum, mints, and other breath fresheners only cover the issue temporarily, this method actually cleans and eliminates the "stuff" that is causing the problem.

We are all adults here, yes it is gross, but believe me, I would rather have you do that then try and talk to me with the "Zackleys".

Nobody has to know what you are doing in your home bathroom.

Hope this helps,

~Venus - for the boys - for the girls - self explanatory

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