Thursday, June 5, 2008

One For My Girls

Summer time is here! YEAH!

Okay, so I have the solution for the perfect kissable lips for the summertime.

The sun can dry and chap, so can the summer wind. It seems chap-stick products have this weird affect (at least on me) that the more you use them, the more you need to use them. And it is constantly messing up the lipstick, am I right?

Right, start looking for lipsticks in your shades of color, that have a SPF of 15 or more built in. These lipsticks block the sun affects and moisturize at the same time, thus not needing additional protection. Drop the chap stick-like products.

It does not matter the brand name or color, as long as it has a minimum of SPF 15 built into the lipstick. Healthy, glistening lips in the summer time sun get the boys going during the close up sessions (Because let's face it, the bikini from the distance is what brings them in close up).

Now for the overnight maintenance...

Ok, (and I am sure that this is going to produce some perverted thoughts in the minds of the men who read this, but.....) the BEST product for overnight working/protection of the lips is a healthy application of a Vaseline-type product (you can almost watch their minds go there, can't you?).

CAUTION: Some promote the use of Olive Oil, Baby Oil, and even Vitamin E Oil on your lips for overnight. The truth is all of these work wonders on the skin, but have an adverse affect on the lips when applied at anytime. I do not know the scientific reason as to why, and I don't care, what I do know is that the use of these products on your lips actually has a drying-out affect and produces damage.

So there ya go...perfect summertime puckers!


~ Venus


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